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Sorry, this service has been discontinued!

You've been writing for inumerable months on your blog. Good, quality posts that you would think people would enjoy, but the traffic hasn't been coming. You know that there are hundreds or thousands of people who would enjoy your posts, if you just knew how to get them to your site. Well, good news - there is a simple and underutilized way of driving those interested people to your blog. It's called a blog carnival.

"What Is A Blog Carnival?"

Simply, it is a blog post filled with a bunch of links to other blogs, all blogging on the same topic. Some very stalwart and hardworking bloggers volunteer to host these carnivals bringing in some new traffic and content for themselves and allowing you to get exposure to that blog's audience. It's a win-win all around. The submissions are managed at a site called Blog Carnival. Now, it's very easy work to submit to blog carnivals, but also monotonous and tedious.

You can see exactly how to do it below:

Blog Carnival Submissions

Submitting to blog carnivals is easy. It shouldn't take you more than 30-40 minutes every week to submit to 20 carnivals. However, it's so easy that most weeks it gets put off and off and off until it isn't done at all. By Friday you realize that you missed another week of additional links and targeted traffic driven to your blog, you sigh and remind yourself to do it the next week...the cycle continues.

... but not any more...

"Keep The Links And Traffic
Rolling In Week After Week!"

Now you don't need to remember to go through the process every week, because I'll do it for you. Let's be honest you'd rather spend the time writing for your blog than marketing it.

When you purchase my Blog Carnival Submission Service, I'll add your blog to my procedures and every week, just like clockwork, one of your blog entries will be submitted to every single one of the appropriate blog carnivals. If new carnivals start up, we'll add you to those too.

...Here's Your Chance
To Automate Another Great Traffic Generation Procedure

If you are serious about automating your business and you are running a blog, then this service is a must have. It is, without doubt, one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and links. I swear by this process and many, many other bloggers do too. All you have to do is keep posting those quality articles every day and we'll sort out bringing in some new visitors for you.

Here's just a sample of what will happen with this service...

Targeted traffic will be driven to your blog.

Relevant links will be built making the search engines fall in love with you.

You will be able to relax while others think about your traffic.

I Want You To Be Absolutely Thrilled Or Else!

If you do not have at least 100 links back to your site at the end of 4 months, I want to give you your money back... for all 4 months. You must be completely satisfied or I'm not happy taking your money. You have 4 months to try out the service and if it isn't producing results there's a no hassle return policy.

Easy As Pie To Automate Today...

All you have to do is click on the button below to subscribe to one of the best ways to build traffic and links to your blog automatically.

I'm willing to manage contractors, wrangling them into submitting your blog to every relevant blog carnival, every week for a measly $47. That's 4 sets of submissions every single month to every single relevant blog carnival. Each set of submissions might take you an half hour each time, if you remember to do it all. I'm willing to guess that you value your time at a much higher rate than that (and if not I think that you're shortchanging yourself).

Sorry, this service has been discontinued!

I don't know how long this service will remain at this price. It's entirely too valuable to allow everyone to have access to it, but if you subscribe today you will be locked in at that price for as long as you are a subscriber.

Thanks for reading,

Steven Lohrenz

PS This service works with any blog on any topic, hosted with any hosting company with any blogging platform. If it's a blog and you can reach it with an internet browser, it fits the profile. So click on the button above to subscribe already!

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